Roles and Responsibilities of Organizational Managers and Leaders of the Mcdonald’s Corporation

Management MGT330 Roles and Responsibilities of Organizational Managers and Leaders of the McDonald’s Corporation Leadership and management at the McDonald’s Corporation refer both to those entities that does the leading and to the process of leading. Leadership has been centralized and is somewhat controversial in the process of the movement of most organizations. Despite any claims of contrary in the roles of leadership, there is substantial evidence that leadership is positively related to along range of individual and organizational outcomes.

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The management leadership teams are responsible and initiating decisions that help the organization succeed and adapt in competitive environments. The management of McDonald’s uses a strategy of give and take, by working with others leaders to create a shared sense of purpose and direction. The implementation of influence process at the McDonald’s Corporation moulds the objectives of the organization, and motivate to the definition of the organization culture inside the corporation. Frequently shared but are also different, the roles and responsibilities of management and leadership are structured by change and growth.

The McDonald’s Company has always utilized four functions of management throughout its history. Management uses these functions to increase sales, remain the market leader, and expand rapidly. By leveraging their enormous strengths McDonald’s has emerged as a global leader and in essence, change the way we eat. *Management and L*eadership Indifference Management and Leadership must go hand in hand collaborate success. They are not the same thing, but they are necessarily complementary and linked. Any effort to take one essence from the other is likely to generate more problems than it solves.

The manager’s job is to first, plan, organize and sum it up with coordination. Differences between management and leadership in the McDonald’s corporation are management deals with the planning and organizing in the restaurant. Making sure that the operation of the store is being followed according the restaurants policies and procedures. The majority of McDonald’s restaurants are franchises. The owner of the store is the leader. Management is expected to carry out whatever visions the leader has decided for the operation of the store. Ray Kroc, the man that is esponsible for the franchises chains vision was to make sure that every store operates the same. Most of them do not work at the store they come by to make sure the operation process of the store is running smoothly and to decide what changes need to be made to the store for improvement. At most of the McDonald’s restaurants, after an employee has been successfully working there a few months he is usually promoted to a team leader and from there on an assistant or store manager. The leaders at McDonald’s may not necessarily have any knowledge of the store.

The only skills that they may have are what they learned from the classes that they must take prior to owning the franchise. Leaders always have new ideas for the organization. Many people believe that McDonald’s would not have been as successful if Ray Kroc did not have leadership and business sense (Boone, 2009). *Healthy Organizational C*ulture Management at McDonald’s has long to analyze among leaders that organization’s culture can be a valuable tool because it gives understanding of what the organization is all about.

Management has pressed leadership to present an organization in which personnel would love to work and be happy about that choice. A good look into McDonald’s organization culture could be gathered by examining the arrangement and examining its reward systems or the feel of the organization’s physical design. Management has implemented several of these assessment criteria. The founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc is humanized and memorialized for all to see his organizational tools. McDonald’s Hamburger University is clearly a powerful socialization and trainingtool.

Management also notices the importance of togetherness so The Ronald McDonald Center was created to emphasize the importance of community. Also, a main picture was painted on the emphasis of “value, cleanliness, service and quality” letting know future cultures what McDonalds does well and major factor to focus on. Management has stated that there are no reliably quick and easy ways to identify the cultural assumptions of people in organizations. Management and leadership recommend listening to stories, collecting archival data, talking to people, and observing personnel (Tarkio, 2007).

Support of the F*our *Functions of Management Strategies Conclusion McDonald’s has lasted from decade to decade, through the good, and the bad. Management has prevailed to give McDonalds an iconic edge in the world. Management and leadership have collaborated through their difference to maintain a positive outlook for the company. The process produced a healthy organizational culture of different symbols of culture togetherness. Any positive movement in the McDonald’s is given credit to the implemented four fictions of management.

From test to trial, the heart of the company is its ability to manage, led and implement new strategies that promote fast quality food at a low price with a friendly smile. Reference Boone, J. (2009). Thinking made easy: good management is essential in achieving. Retrieved Tarkio, R. (2007). Identifying organizational culture. Retrieved January 7, 2010 from http://www. en. articlesgratuits. com/identifying-organizational-culture-id1523. php Williams, G. (2005, April 11). Diversity at mcDonald’s: a way of life. Nation’s Restaurant News. Retrieved from http://cDonalds Corporation Web site: http://mcd. mobular. net/mcd/90/8/10/


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