What Type of Shopper Are You?

There are four groups that you can categorize the average shopper in: Hesitant, Looker, Impulsive and Bargain. Hesitant buyers are alternatively known as reluctant buyers and can be described as smart, although at times may miss out on good items. When it comes to aggressive shoppers, they will often go out of their way to get any product they want. Impulsive shoppers keep buying things that they sometimes don’t need; and go over their budget. The Bargain shopper often goes to stores that have bargains(Hence the name “Bargain shopper“).

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They often miss out on good opportunities due to the fact that they only look for things that can be bought at half price or have a certain percentage off. Regardless of which shopping mall you enter, there will always be a variety of various shoppers; it is almost guaranteed that if observed closely, one of the four major types will be easily identified. Thus, your everyday mall is filled with shoppers that are categorized into four major categories: bargain, aggressive, impulsive and hesitant.

The Hesitant Shopper: The Hesitant shopper is an individual who wants to buy things but knows in reality that they either do not need the item or are unable to afford it. They ponder whether or not the item they will be purchasing will provide a benefit to their lifestyle and needs. These shoppers often ask themselves, “Is it worth it? ”, “How often will I use it? ”, or “Could I get a better deal elsewhere? ”. Hesitant shoppers try their best to ensure that the item that they are purchasing is really necessary.

More often than not they prioritize other important things before shopping. The Looker: The next type of shopper is the person who looks but never ever buys: the looker. This type of shopper may find shopping fun at first, but towards the end of their shopping experience they become tired and hopeless. This can be because of many different things. The Impulsive Shopper: Impulsive shoppers are the shoppers who will go crazy when they enter the doors of a shopping mall.

When they enter a store they are unable to control their actions, and will often purchase a number of items within the store – many of which will be unnecessary buys. They purchase items just to have the knowledge that they own it. An impulsive shopper is most commonly referred to as a ‘shop-a-holic’ . Shop-a-holics are addicted to shopping and subsequently shop to feel good in the avoidance of other issues. On many occasions the impulsive buyer will not feel or display any feelings of guilt for their purchases. The Bargain Shopper:

The weekly store sales or daily coupons that come in the newspaper attract another type of shoppers: bargain hunters. Bargain hunters also enjoy shopping, but instead of just buying anything for any price, they keep their eyes open for sales and good deals. These people are usually very conservative with their money and will do anything to get a product for a cheaper price than marked. In other words, bargain hunters try to get the most for their money. They only purchase a product when they believe they are getting a good price for it.

This type of shopper may consider looking around for good deals a lifestyle, but it can also become an obsession known as hording. Your everyday mall is filled with shoppers that are categorized into four major categories: Hesitant, Looker, Impulsive and Bargain . At times these shoppers do not realize the extent of their shopping habits, resulting in a negative impact on their lives and relationships. One of the most common impacting factors is bankruptcy. To avoid any possible negative effects, purchases should always be made with careful consideration.


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