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Personal System Behavior Organizational Behavior Course • Personal System Behavior I am writing this paper to outline my personal system view as they relate to work, school, family and the world. I will also include some strategies that I intend on using to reach my goals by my competencies. In addition, as your assignment, I will include my beliefs about the world and how my values and others are organized into my self-concept. My hope is that after reading this paper you will have a fairly good understanding of what my personal system are and how I hope to deal with it. Goals Goals in my life are very important.

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Our goals in life make us what we are. They distinguish us from the people around us. Personal goals have a tendency to change over time, as you, yourself change over time. Family Goals When it comes to my family, my goals are very simple. I want to be the best husband and father that I can be. I have been married to my wife since July last year (2008) and I just have my son born last week on Dec 11, 2009. This news was very delightful for me since this is my first son. Otherwise, I have to manage my time between my job at the office, my school assignment at IPMI and my sleep-less at night to take care my little son.

My wife and I have decided that we do not want to wait too long for the next baby since my wife is 30 years old and we want to have four minimum child from our marriage. My wife and I have a dream that someday we will have a big family as our parents have. I am the fourth son of six brothers and sister. As well as my wife is the last daughter of six brothers and sisters. Based on our parent’s experience, having a lot of child is troubled and nuisance sometimes but we think that son or daughter is a gift from God, so no matter how many children do you have, we think that God has the best plan for us in the future.

We think that having many child will make us more meaningful when we are old someday. Having a big family with a lot of grandson and granddaughter is one of our contentment in the future. Work & Business When it comes to my work, the goals get a little more complicated. I have been at my current place of employment for a little over 3 years now. Before that, I was working over than 2 years in several companies. I am currently an application engineer specialist staff and hope to move to a higher level as section head or maybe higher, a manager in 2 until 5 years in the future. After that, I’m thinking about develop my own business.

I have a plan that someday I will have my own business in my wife hometown, Lombok Island. There are so many potencies and opportunities to develop a business in tourism sector. With its cheap land, magnificent forest rugged mountain terrain, volcano and pristine white-sand beaches that out does anything Bali has to offer, Lombok has it all to be the world-class tourist destination. Lombok now appears to be the verge of a tourist boom. With the commercialization of Bali over the past few years, and with it the accompanying traffic and reduction in open, natural spaces, many tourists is discovering the charm of ‘Undiscovered’ Lombok.

With this new interest, I have a plan with my wife to develop posh boutique resorts on the island serving quality food and drinks not only just a stones throw away from rural, unspoiled countryside – much as Bali was decades ago. There are possibilities too that we will develop any tourism business type such as tour and travel services, transportation service, out bond activities provider, etc. School Throughout my life experiences and career, I have realized the importance of achieving my MBA degree.

The reason why I want my MBA degree is to better my career, start a new career or own business, and a personal goal. Getting my MBA degree, I believe, will further my career. Showing my company that I have returned to school shows that I will be able to take on a greater task. Also, there are opportunities with my company to have the chance to get the better position. My MBA degree will give me the chance to learn more and see if I have any special interests. In addition, thank God that my friends in my class are more experience than I am, so I would be able to learn from heir experience. I believe that furthering my education at MBA level will help succeed in taking the proper steps for me to start my own business and seeing it be a success and not a failure. In summary, I am always very careful about setting goals for myself because I have always prided myself on keeping them. I do not normally like to set deadline on my goals because I believe that your goals need to be adjusted from time to time depending on your circumstance. I do feel goals are very important to have but even more important to keep. My Competencies to Reach the Goals

Competency is the term used to describe a cluster of related knowledge, skills and attributes that contributes to successful job performance and ultimately to the goals and priorities of my personal system. Competencies are typical expressed in terms of visible on-the-job behaviors. The leadership competencies represent the keys that are desired of all leaders. There are seven competencies in this framework that related to my competencies: 1. Personal insight and impact One of my strength on this competency that I am able to build trust by being honest, reliable and consistent to achieve my goals.

In addition, I am always trying to fulfill commitments, even under difficult or challenging circumstances (e. g. , when taking on activities or projects that are difficult or unpopular). On the contrary, as my weakness, I am still having trouble to engage others to remain focused and productive during challenging and demanding situations. 2. Strategic focus At this point, I am able to implement and develop my strategies to realize my personal goals and prioritize urgent and important tasks in relation to pursue my goals and objectives.

Although sometimes I have difficulties to balance short-term needs of my surroundings and me with the achievement of long-term goals and strategies. 3. Building self-culture I always try to create a situation in which people feel respected and valued. In addition, I always encourage them to express the differed perspective, clear and respectful communication. engagement. 4. Creativity and innovation I think this is my strongest competency. I often make improvements to existing processes or practices in my office. For several times, I had joined the value improvement and innovation competition in my company.

In example, in early 2009 we won InnovAstra competition that held by our holding company, PT Astra International. We won for the Quality Control Project category for our improvements and innovation at forestry sector. And I was the leader for this project. Currently, I am in the middle of the Business Performance Improvement competition in Astra for next year improvement achievement. However, I have a problem to advocates, when appropriate, a consultative and inclusive approach to develop a collective sense of ownership and 5. Problem solving and decision making

Regarding my current place of employment job description, I am responsible to find the solution of our customer problem in heavy equipment application. This job encourage me to evaluate the past decisions to guide customer future decision making by exploring the root causes of the issue. However, I still have to learn how to communicate strategic and high-impact decisions to other team member. Evaluates risks, opportunities and mitigation strategies to achieve my goals and objectives is also my concern in the future. 6. Change management

To deal with this, I often encourage dialogue and discussion with my wife at home and my manager at the office regarding the anticipated impact of change. One thing that I have to improve is how to translate change strategies into specific and practical goals, processes and timeframes. 7. Achieving result After identifies my strategies based on my personal goals and objectives, I collaborates with all the people who has competencies to determine how best to achieve result. I tried to improve my ability to foster an environment where people feel personally committed to achieve result especially my wife.

Overall, I have strengths and weaknesses competencies that I have to well manage. I realize that to achieve all of my goals and objective, there will be an obstacle to face. All that we can do is do the best and pray for God the Almighty. Personal Beliefs Love. Truth. Beauty. Knowledge. Freedom. In my opinion, these five aspects of human existence qualify the true experience of life. Nothing has greater significant than these underlying facets. Imperative to a centered and content individual, they are the essential ideals I base my individuality on. In this, my first belief statement, I will explore all avenues I am currently discovering.

All occurrences create the person I am today. I inhale each aroma encircling me and, of my own free will, decide exactly what I think of it and choose its impact. I am evolving; I am becoming. Using my relationship with my surroundings (Bandung, Jakarta, Lombok and all over the place that I’ve ever came), I decide what I want to become. This is the joy of creating self – of knowing self. Of becoming, consciously, who I want to be. Such a belief implies the significance of an individual’s perception of reality – a state of mind that life is how one witnesses it. Everything we known depend on our perception.

However, perception can never gain anything outside of itself to verify anything. Each human creates his world – each soul decides where it wants to be in life. Ultimately, the spirit renounces what is not real. And nothing in the physical life we lead is veritable, except God. So God is the beginning and the end – the Alpha and the Omega. Life is not a journey of discovery, but process of creation. I don’t need to “discover” or “find” myself – I need to create myself. Thereby, my life should not revolve as much around as who I am, but more of what I want to be. My Personal Values and The Effect of My Behavior

Based on Wikipedia, Value is a concept that describes the beliefs of an individual or culture. Our values influence our orientations, action, reactions and interpretations, so being totally objective is out of the question. Many of my values are those passed down from my parents. They said that two core type values are trust and honestly. And I agree on that. We all want to be trusted but the truth is that there are those who cannot be. My father said: “honestly is a reward in it self, if you are honest to your self, and honest with the people around you the reward comes ten fold”.

My cultural, organizational and personal values represent my beliefs and traditions of my cultural environment. Then I tried to examine values and based them on how important they are within my personal, organizational, work and cultural lifestyle. Based on that, I came to the conclusion knowing the foundation elements of individual behavior can be very rewarding. I think values do not act individually, but also relate with other values as well. The dynamic between individual values is almost as important as the values themselves. Based on my experience, values influence choices and provide framework for life goals.

They are largely culturally oriented, and are formed through the example of others. In example, since I’m married there are certain beliefs that my wife and me are different. My wife beliefs that working at a big company will makes our value increase and to be a pride as well. Owning your own business is not worth the risk. Opening up a business can be scary, because of the extensive risk, high cost and extreme stress. On the contrary, I think that be an employment would be best for short-term goals. I don’t want to be an employment for the rest of my life, or at least until my retirement age on 55 years old.

I would like to make my own business or empire. In my opinion, there are at least five benefits to own my own business: 1. My years of hard work can result in wealth not unemployment 2. I will have the ability and time to help others 3. I will have more time to spend with my family 4. I will have more self-esteem 5. I will have much more freedom Later on, I told my wife that there is big difference between be an employee and own your own business. As an employee, you can dedicate many years of your life to a company, only to find yourself out of a job due to situations totally out of your control.

Management change, merger, acquisitions, downsizing and outsourcing all have a tendency to force sudden and unexpected change. On the other hand, if you own your own business, you will still face competition, change, legal battles etc. But in every case you will have time and an opportunity to fight and win. Big difference. After that, my wife agree with me that both of us will build our own business someday after we are ready to take the risk because the risk in starting your own business are far greater than if you were an employee who worked for someone else.

This example shows that a different perspective of some values will occurs different choice of action to pursue our goals in life. “What you believe about yourself is what happens to you”. In summation, my behavior at any place is influence by my personal value and beliefs system that I have. Therefore, we should strive, then, not to make a living – but a life. To choose love in every instant, in every way, every aspect. Fear and love are the only human motivations.


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